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What is Mind Programming?

What does the term “Mind Programming” mean?


Mind Programming incorporates a number of techniques, schools of thought, disciplines, theories, and practices. Its basic goal is to change one’s reaction to internal and external stimuli, or to help the mind to more easily create a given state on its own (e.g.: happiness, confidence). It harnesses the brain’s built-in programming mechanisms to help increase intelligence, end bad habits, stop negative mental patterns, and much more. It allows you to focus more of your subconscious resources on tasks you wish to accomplish.

At one point or another, everyone has reprogrammed their mind in some way. Do you start to feel better almost instantaneously when taking medicine, despite being aware of the time it takes for the medicine to take effect? Can you make yourself hungry by thinking of food? Have you ever experienced the placebo effect? Did you know that if you smile for approximately sixty seconds you will feel happier? All of these things are a direct result of the mind being conditioned, or programmed. The Mind Programming covered in this application, however, is much more broad and powerful than these examples.

Intentional Mind Programming has existed for thousands of years. Yogis and Buddhists have been using deep meditation for mind programming, among many other things. Hypnotists have been programming the minds of people for over a century. Psychotherapists have been helping people install new and healthier programs. In fact, until just recently, programming the mind in this deeper sense has been a lengthy process. It has required extreme practice, patience, and dedication. And while it still requires (and will always require) these three things, Mind Programming has advanced far past older methods; actually, the technology used in this application is able to do most of the work for you.

Thanks to recent advances, people are able to use carefully prepared audio and visual stimulation to induce an extensive variety of mental states. And this includes receptive mental states that studies have shown to be conducive to Mind Programming.

Your subconscious is constantly working, constantly responding to situations, and constantly acting on your fears and desires (although not always in the way you would like). Mind Programming is a powerful tool to help your subconscious work for you, not against you. If you want something of yourself, let your subconscious be your ally, and program it in!.

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