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Wake Up #2

Brainwave Entrainment SoftwareLast time, we were discussing the benefits of Wake Up Brainwave and its ability to give you control over your mornings, offering energy and alertness instead of sleepiness and harmful stimulants. Today, we would like to take the time to go further into the subject.

Being an early riser is important, in that you need to be one in order to get more accomplished and thus be more successful. If you were able to wake up the first time your alarm went off instead of 30 minutes later, you’d have 130 extra hours per year to do something you enjoy! However, lots of people set the alarm with the best of intentions, knowing that’s the time they need to get up to meet the day’s demands. But then the alarm clock seems to ring far before they’re ready to rise, so they’re hitting snooze and, eventually, running late.

If you can’t stimulate your body, why not stimulate your brain? The human brain is an incredible thing – controlling everything from blood flow to how the body acts.  And we have developed a program that helps trigger your internal clock, so you can wake up refreshed and start a new day. You can always find the program at: We also have some customer use the program during the work break. Once you return to work after lunch, you will be amazed at the way your body feels ready to finish strong, all without any harmful stimulants.

Before starting your audio training, an important first step is that you need to clearly define why it is important to you. What’s your motivation? In my case, I want to get up early enough to do a little yoga. In your case, it might be important to have the breakfast with family. It might simply be getting up early enough to not feel perpetually rushed when you get out the door. No specific reason to wakeup faster? Then, be grateful for not dying! The Buddha said that every time you go to bed you should consider that you won’t wake up. That way, when you wake upyou will be especially grateful for the day you have ahead of you. Instead of seeing the day as a burden that you have to “get through” you will see it as an opportunity to do something meaningful and beneficial.

An estimated 54 percent of American adults drink at least a cup of coffee a day. Caffeine can be a temporary chemical solution to your drowsiness. However, I don’t believe it is the best strategy overall. When you use stimulants to wake up in the mornings and throughout the day, there are many considerable drawbacks. One of the worst drawbacks is that your sleep schedule will be erratic and unreliable due to artificial highs and lows that these stimulants are known to produce. If you can boost morning alertness without the artificial stimulants, why bother drinking the stuff?

So if you need immediate relief from the inability to get out of bed, it’s going to have to come from your own brain – and we can help you achieve it.  Don’t miss out!  Check out our entrainment therapy today at:

Waking early is one of my favorite things in the world. The morning is quiet as the world hasn’t begun stirring, the perfect time for meditation, writing, exercise and some quiet reading. I hope this introduction to our wake up entrainment therapy helps you being a morning person too. 

Have a safe and enlightened journey! The Unexplainable Store.

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