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The Human Bio-Computer (Mind Over Body)

In recent years it has become apparent that the brain is the single most powerful acting force upon the body. The body and mind are inseparable.

Neurons Brain

An obvious example of this principle can be found in what the scientific community calls the “placebo effect”, which is a broad term used to describe a huge range of unexplained phenomena. In essence, the placebo effect is a response to a stimulus one believes will work. Simply believing something will work is often enough to make it work.

In fact, psychologist Ernest Lawrence Rossi wrote in his book, The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing, that the placebo effect accounts for nearly 56% of the effectiveness of analgesics, like morphine. This means that when you take a pain killer, more than half of the effect is the direct result of your belief in the pill. And the effect is not in any way limited to pain killers. The placebo response shows up in nearly every therapeutic agent!.

There are more studies that directly link the mind and body. Dr. Candace Pert wrote of these links in her book Molecules Of Emotion. Her pioneering work into the brain-body connection has led to the discovery of a complex network of chemicals, stimulated by the brain, directly affecting the health of the body on the cellular level. She discovered a number of cellular receptors and preferential chemical bindings that act as information pathways from the brain to all cells in the body. She suggests that all events, from sex with a preferred partner to a traumatic event, have a direct effect on the body – positive or negative.

Other research suggests that generally happy people are three times less likely to get the common cold (and other ailments) than unhappy people (Journal Of Psychosomatic Medicine, July 11, 2002). This could be linked to the infamous stress hormone, cortisol, which has numerous adverse effects on the human body.

Therefore, two assumptions can be made:

1) The mind is able to impact the body.

2) In order for the body to be kept in peak physical condition, the mind must also be kept in a peak mental condition.

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