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IQ Increase #3

Now I’d like to take the next step in our IQ Increase program by examining some of the circumstances where your mind may be more prone to shut down and operate on autopilot.


It’s something we all run into occasionally, and there are ways to keep it from taking over our lives and robbing us of brilliant ideas. Some environments are more conducive to free thought than others, and sometimes people may find themselves constantly in an environment, or under circumstances that suppress and smother their natural intelligence.

It goes without saying, human beings are naturally intelligent creatures. But this intelligence is often either ignored or simply suppressed when certain factors take control. One of the biggest is self perception. Tests suggest that people who are told they are not intelligent score lower on IQ tests than those who are told they are of higher than average intelligence. The very fact that you’re reading this now suggests you are interested in improving your intelligence and shows a sense of curiosity. This in turn suggests you have a desire and capacity for learning. It’s only natural that those who are interested in their own cognitive development have a higher intelligence. That’s already a good start.

But how could we improve it even more? Our entrainment software has been carefully crafted to give you that extra boost you need and remove the boundaries placed on your current intelligence and improve it vastly.

Once you’ve set out on a journey to improve your mind, you’ll start noticing something incredible – improved intellectual curiosity. There are always strong social forces at work to stifle curiosity, but some of the greatest scientists – though they may not always agree on everything, generally agree that one of the greatest tools ever given to the human race is this largely untapped form of curiosity. The more intelligent you become, the more you will thirst for knowledge. With each new piece of information your mind will be swimming with brilliant possibilities and plans. And with this increase in brain activity your IQ will soar like a rocket.

Another important tool we all have within us is the ability to process and categorize information. IQ isn’t simply about knowing facts. A major part of it is your capacity and inner desire to learn as well. Solving puzzles, having intellectual debates, and enjoying brilliant ideas will come naturally to someone who finds these activities enjoyable. And if you have ever felt the rush of a clever idea, you’re already aware of just how satisfying that can be. Put simply, our entrainment therapy not only improves your abilities, but also your desire to conduct yourself as an intelligent being. What level of intelligence you wish to aspire for is up to you.

Keep in mind your intelligence does change from moment to moment and from day to day. And over time, the more you use your mind the more you’ll find yourself mastering ever increasingly complex problems. The more ideas you have, the more you will get. And the more intelligent you become, the more others will notice it. The single greatest trick to improving your IQ is to have fun with it.

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