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IQ Increase #2

Now I’d like to take the next step forward on our IQ increase journey by outlining a few of the IQ exercises that have helped others in achieving their optimal mental status.


Keep in mind as you go through this that the mind’s abilities change drastically from moment to moment and from day to day. What you may be able to do one day may be entirely beyond you the next. The good side of that is if you were unable to achieve something while you weren’t in a state of optimal intelligence, you should have no problem when you are. Let’s start with the easiest and move our way up.

The first exercise is as simple as paying attention to the room around you and training your mind to constantly be asking questions. Where is the light coming from in this room judging from the shadows? When you meet someone new, simply look at them and try to figure out as much as you can just by observing them. Notice sounds in your environment and ask yourself what each one means in relation to you. If this is difficult, don’t forget to tune your mind to be able to process the extra information.

Next is a little more complex. Rather than simply observing, start changing things in your mind. The great inventor Nikola Tesla was a master at visualizing things in his mind, turning them around, and changing them so he could make improvements mentally. Visualizing your environment and specific objects in it is an excellent exercise for someone who needs to work out their mind. And if you want to take this process to its more practical form, try to understand the mechanics behind any given simple machine you come across. Imagine the force being exerted on each part and where that force is coming from to get a working model of how different devices, no matter how simple, work. After this move on to more complex machines. By the end of it, your mechanical understanding of things should improve greatly.

The final exercise here is perhaps one of the most tricky for some, but completely natural for others. Remember your dreams. Don’t just remember the basics of what happened. Remember as much as you can every morning, and allow yourself to think about the dream while you’re awake. Dreams are a very powerful conduit for the subconscious mind to enter into the conscious. And by opening up this conduit while you’re awake, you can increase the communication between these different areas of the brain. Those who do not remember their dreams usually will benefit most from this exercise, but even those who remember their dreams generally can ‘unlock’ them to gain the most benefit from them. As your intelligence increases, you’ll notice your dreams will episodically come back to you more and more. After a while you will be able to solve problems and recall information very easily. And more than that you’ll be able to increase your capacity for learning as well.

Of course one of the most important steps as always is a drive to become more in control and improve your own life.

I hope you found this lesson on IQ increase helpful. Next time I’d like to take a look at a few of the ways our brain automatically shuts down in some situations in ways that adversely affect our intelligence. By understanding these, we can avoid them in the future and truly gain mastery over our own lives.

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