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IQ Increase #1

Today I’d like to talk about something we all hold in high esteem. Our intelligence is something that follows us throughout our lives.


But contrary to popular belief, this score is not always constant. In fact, researchers have said for years that events throughout our lives can cause this number to fluctuate profoundly making us either more or less intelligent and resulting in different IQ scores. But the IQ isn’t just a number. It’s a comprehensive understanding of your ability to recognize patterns, solve problems, and exhibit a level of natural innate intelligence. And it’s also one of the many aspect of our lives we’re led to believe we have no control over when -in fact- we do.

If you want to be smart, you’ve made a wise decision. Intelligence is listed as one of the most important traits prospective romantic partners look for in a significant other. It’s also one of the things employers take very seriously. If you’re smarter you have a better chance at achieving success in both fields. And it’s something your friends will notice as well.

So there’s little saying IQ is not important, but how do we change it? Intelligence is linked directly to brain activity. Just as we can slip into a state of mind that promotes very little cognitive response, we can guide our minds to work reactively to our environment and think critically of everything that comes our way. Doing so makes us more prone to resist the constant barrage of information we’re being pummeled with at every moment of the day and allows us the power to seek out a better way of living. To put it simply, we owe it to ourselves and those around us to be smarter.

In this guide I’d like to take a look at how we can improve our own intelligence and how we can use both our brainwaves and our environment to make us smarter. There are different types of intelligence covering a variety of subjects including emotional intelligence. But there’s no need to end there. We have everything we need to build a brilliant mind, it’s just a matter of making those connections happen efficiently so information can pass through them quickly and be retained.

We will be starting next time with mental exercises designed to improve your ability to critically handle situations that may arise with the power of your mind, and some important tips on training your brain to think in bursts of energy for those temporary but tough problems. Part of intelligence building is getting the different hemispheres of your brain to cooperate to minimize distractions, subconscious biases, and get the analytical mind to think about the world in facts and figures when it needs to. By improving your intelligence there is no limit to what you can achieve in the world.

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