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Creativity #3

Today I’d like to wrap up our lesson in Creativity by covering the dreaded creative mental block so often referred to in hushed fearful tones.


The mental block is the creative person’s bane. It always seems to rear its head at the worst time and follow you for days or even weeks, making the very process of creating difficult or even impossible. But with a few tips, and the right entrainment frequencies you will soon be able to pull yourself from the dreaded grips of this ancient nemesis to art and begin prolifically producing the most beautiful lyrics, paintings, words, or even daydreams you ever imagined. After all, every thought in your mind comes in some way from your creative centers.

So in order to conquer the mental block, first we must understand it. And the most advertised type of mental block is writer’s block. Writer’s block is related to all other types of block in the same way. But it should not be thought of like a wall suddenly going up in front of you blocking your path. The features of writer’s block are more like trying to start a car without success. You may be sitting with the keys in the ignition listening to it refuse to turn over or not in the car at all. But the result is the same. And that result follows musicians, artists, actors and all other creative types. But how do you get the engine to start? First you’ll need a key.

Keep in mind, creativity starts with a productive state of mind. You know the pleasant feeling you get when you begin a project and all the pieces come together. Our entrainment therapy smoothes the process and allows the mind to conquer its fears. Don’t forget to check it out at:

So once your mind is engaged in the creative process with a special type of inspiration, you’ll be able to plug into the mental faculties that bypass the initial creative block. But the process that follows requires something else as well. Great ideas should be balanced with a certain degree of organization. If you’re trying to start in the wrong place or without fully understanding the end product you want, you’re still missing an important component. Sometimes you simply work with the canvas to see what comes up. Other times you must be a bit more objective and assertive. This doesn’t make the process any less creative, it simply adds perspiration to your inspiration.

By this time you should be ready to tackle even the most complex creative blocks. But you still need to be excited about the project you are working on. Excitement combined with a good starting point and an image of the end result is a formula for breaking down mental barriers. If someone has truly unlocked their creative centers, then this formula is like a rocket propelling you toward masterful craftsmanship.

But is it only creative works that this works for? Absolutely not. One of the most fundamentally human and important behaviors we engage in is fantasizing. Fantasy not only shows us the world we want, but the world that could be. Thinkers are set free by fantasies about the simplest things. What if gravity suddenly reversed? What if you could see a new primary color? These simple thoughts are all it takes to get the same gears running that solve a great many problems that arise every day.

And they work in conversation as well. A boring conversation can quickly be turned into an exciting expose on the human experience with a little bit of Creativity. And conversely a mental block can send these conversations spiraling into disaster. The same formula that removed blocks for other forms of creative expression works for conversation as well. Know your result, get your mind into it, know where to begin, and once you’ve unlocked your creative centers even simple conversations too will carry a certain zing to them that will wow others.

So there it is. Creative blocks aren’t so complicated and they’re certainly not something to fear. With our entrainment and these tips on your side you’ll soon be expressing your thoughts in ways you didn’t think possible.

Have a safe and enlightened journey. And make sure to see the Creativity selections here:

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