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Creativity #2

Today I’d like to continue our examination of Creativity. But even more than that, I’d like to examine closely the process of Creativity going on within the artist’s mind in the form of inspiration.

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Inspiration is a very powerful catch-all phrase that is commonly used for whatever mechanism jump starts the creative process. And there is also inspiration’s much feared cousin – the mental block, which I will demonstrate how to avoid.

What is inspiration? If we look into the components of inspiration we get a better picture of the whole and how to achieve it. There are two main factors involved when getting inspired to action. First, a person must become excited about their project. All forms of art are the product of the artist’s own experiences, and these experiences will be represented either directly or indirectly in each piece they create. If an artist is unable to create, this is the first key element missing that must be examined.

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In order to get inspiration, you must experience something that excites you and reminds you what is worth expressing in this life. Of course any time I use the word artist it refers to visual artists, musicians, orators, philosophers, actors, writers, performance artists, and any other form of artistry in the wide spectrum of the world’s culture. By witnessing or experiencing the elation and excitement of life you suddenly have something that must be shared. And if you simply sit day after day attempting to create without supplementing it with life experiences, your art will suffer as a result.

If you are trying to paint a picture that conveys your spirituality, get in tune with this spirituality first. If you want to write a story based on your dreams, remember the dreams in detail. If your music is supposed to reflect the dangerous side of the human experience, talk to those who have been affected by these dangers. You will know when inspiration strikes.

But first, there is a second component that is related to inspiration that is all too often overlooked. All great artists share a perfectly unexplainable and yet immutable desire to express themselves. Artists create for the act of creating, but equally out of a drive to communicate. This desire manifests as an overwhelming urge in the subconscious that fills the heart to make it impossible not to create. Sketch artists find themselves doodling subconsciously on napkins. Actors slip into character at points, or see the world as their characters would in flashes. Singers and musicians hear music in the world’s collection of sounds or gently mimic their performances while going about their day through humming or singing. The mind is able to exist within the world with ease, but there is an ever present desire to create. This is the mindset of the highly effective creative individual. This is the mindset you want if your career or hobby depends on your creativity.

And the artist is not only communicating their own ideas for fun or profit. They are in fact truly in their element, satisfied that their purpose on Earth is clear and fascinated constantly with their form of expression. I hope you found this lesson in creative inspiration helpful. Next time in our final installment of our lesson on Creativity I’ll take you through the dreaded mental blocks that come in various form (artist’s block, writer’s block, musician’s block, etc.) and examine the common trait each type shares in common.

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Have a safe and enlightened journey!.

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