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Creativity #1

Today I’d like to talk about Creativity and our minds. Creativity isn’t simply about communicating new and interesting ideas to others. It’s about building worlds in which we can live and thrive.


Creativity is the control each of us exercise over our environment to make it better and a part of us. Without¬†creativity the very fabric of our society grinds to a halt, and each of us stagnates and can live only in the dreams of others. But why is this talent so fleeting today? And how can we recapture the magic our imaginations once held? Let’s take a look at how we can achieve peak creativity as we take these first steps into exploring your mind’s creative process.

Creative people have specifically different brain wave patterns than other less creative types. When a person with a creative personality type encounters a problem or is given an opportunity to express themselves there is a very visible burst of alpha activity in the left hemisphere of the brain. This burst of energy is caused by the rapid firing of neurons as the mind attempts to wrestle control of a problem and come up with new solutions. It’s as simple as that – there is a fundamental difference in the way your brain works when you need to be creative. So the question is, how can you kick start that?.

Have you ever had a burst of inspiration? Have you ever suddenly had the perfect idea and felt that rapid firing feeling in your brain that what you just thought was in every way perfect and pure inspiration? Wouldn’t it be great to not only get that feeling, but feel it whenever you needed to? Similarly you may have experienced those times when inspiration simply doesn’t come – when the page remains blank or the mind simply feels like it’s locked up. Our program helps during these times as well. You can find it at:¬†

First of all, in order to be creative you have to see the truth in every day life. When you see an object you may ordinarily examine the parts and see how it makes up the whole. A creative personality sees not what is in front of them, but how it could be made better. And an ambitious creative person then goes on to examine how this new better object could improve their lives. A large part of creativity is examining your relationship with objects and people. Take any mundane object. Do you just notice the visual features it possesses? Or does your mind fill with possibilities?.

Since Creativity is dealt with almost exclusively in the mind, it works very effectively with entrainment programs. Ask yourself questions about the things you want to know. If you’re walking somewhere or you have a few moments where nothing is happening, set your imagination free and try to push it in new and exciting places. Give yourself license to think up stories, act out narratives, visualize pictures and live out hypotheticals in your mind. When you do this you will realize that you possess the keys to your life that set you free from having to simply deal with the mundane each day. You will master not only your own creative potential, but the very world you live in.

I hope you enjoyed this intro to Creativity. Next time I’d like to take a look at a couple of important concepts – inspiration and mental blocks. Both have very real sources and both can be utilized with equally real techniques. Don’t let your mind be a prison. Let it be your key to freedom.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

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