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Here are some tips to keep your mental “operating system” healthy and up to date:

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1) Change thought patterns

Most people talk to themselves regularly. Many even do it aloud when alone. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider their subconscious when engaging in self-talk. Often, people blurt out horrible things about themselves, especially when embarrassing or painful memories pop up. Phrases like “I was so stupid” or even worse “God, I am such an idiot.” If these phrases are repeated enough, they will eventually get a reaction from your subconscious, and it will not be a good one.

However, you can use self-talk to your advantage. For some reason, people feel the need to blurt out insults to themselves when painful memories arise, but the trick is to remember to never, under any circumstances, finish a negative thought or sentence. People can usually catch themselves in the middle of a negative phrase and find a way to reshape it, or simply start over.

For example, say a memory of an embarrassing school memory comes up and you are about to say, “Man, I’m such a klutz.” but you catch yourself, saying “Man, I’m such a– great person.”.

You can use this to integrate your goals into your speech patterns. Instead of habitually calling yourself an idiot or a klutz, you could call yourself intelligent in order to increase your intelligence, if that is your goal.

You will be surprised how automatic it is after a while. Soon, every embarrassing and painful thought will conjure up the image of you as you want yourself to be. A very powerful and healthy method indeed.

Similarly, it is essential to mind programming that you keep your pre-programming consistent with your real-time programming. Remember that the more you believe, the more it works. Even if you are just joking around, your mind takes things literally. Do not contradict your new mental programs.

2) Meditation

Meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but there is plenty of online information about it, so we won’t go into it here. When using many sessions in Neuro-Programmer, you are actually encouraging a mental state like that seen during meditative practice, by slowing your brainwaves to the alpha and theta states. However, purposefully meditating, for the sake of meditation alone, is extremely healthy and acts as a great tune up for your brain system. It also allows you to explore your subconscious and have fun with mental imagery.

3) Always give your sleeping mind something to work on

When you are nodding off to sleep, use affirmations and visualizations to express goals to your subconscious. As you are sleeping, your mind will act on those goals and build mental frameworks to support them. When you wake up, you may no longer want a cigarette or you may feel more energetic than you’ve felt in a long time.

4) Build up a collection of anchors

Build up a large collection of Anchors for various mental states. These will help you relax, and achieve other useful states such as accelerated learning and heightened creativity. Any mental state you have ever experienced can be anchored. Think of your happiest, proudest moment. That moment can be anchored and returned to at any time. Building a large collection of healthy anchors results in a great set of tools at your disposal.

5) Reinforcement of existing programs

It is important to revisit mental programs for reinforcement purposes. If you don’t feel it is necessary, don’t do it, but if you feel that a mental program might be slipping, reinforce it immediately. Don’t wait until you are back to the beginning.

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